Planning for Safety

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Mini-ECDIS combines official ENC charts, plotting and fishing management functions to meet the demands of the modern fishing and workboat industry.

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Security through knowing not guessing. Whatever you trawling method, Notus gives you security so you know exactly what's happening to your gear 500 fathoms behind you on the seabed.

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Advance Planning

Our pre-mapped high resolution 3D seabed charts offer a clear view of the seabed, allowing detailed planning for cables and pipes before work begins. Plotters can import GIS data from text files, facilitating communication of important areas between shore-side operations and working vessels. Anti-grounding features and compatibility with all modern autopilot systems make route planning safe and easy. Notus systems can be used for accurate tracking of towed devices to help users avoid damage to valuable gear.

Enhanced Safety

Our plotters offer collision avoidance and anti-grounding features to ensure that your vessel and crew are kept safe, while our 3D seabed databases help to identify and avoid hazardous areas during underwater operations. Sonar target tracking also allows for on the spot identification of any unmapped hazards or obstructions.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Vessels carrying Mini-ECDIS systems are compliant with MCA chart carriage regulations, meaning users dont have to update paper charts. Small workboats can carry Mini-ECDIS at a fraction of the cost of a full ECDIS while enjoying a more productive and user friendly system.