Combining official ENC charts, plotting and fishing management functions Mini-ECDIS meets the demands of the modern fishing and workboat industry.



While Mini-ECDIS is an easy to use fishing tool and offers the same options as SoloWin and TurboWin, it has been designed to meet the specifications of Seafish and the MCA for fishing boats, commercial vessels and workboats under 25m.

Simple to update ENC charts provide navigational and safety information and, as with our other products, Seafield Navigation can convert your existing data from another plotter for use with the system.

Mini-ECDIS also allows for quick switching between a working view (where all your tracks, marks and other data are shown) and a navigation view (where only the ENC charts are displayed, allowing for easier navigation and avoidance of hazards), all with the touch of a single button.

The splashproof stick controller makes frequent operations with gloved hands easy.

To find out more download our brochure. You can also access these datasheets AIS, Data Transfer, High Resolution 3D.

Standard Features

  • Uses official UKHO S57 Charts
  • Anti grounding warnings
  • Anti Collision Warnings with AIS / ARPA
  • Instantly shows / hides user data
  • Fanless PC core , no salt air intake
  • Dual 24V power delivery circuit
  • Tide height prediction
  • connects to autopilot and steers vessel
  • DECCA lane display
  • Free Weather forecast overlay
  • Route planning
  • direct read of Maxsea, Quodfish, Transas data
  • Conversions from Trax, Fishmaster, CVP, Shipmate Furuno with every plotter
  • 21”, 19”, 17”, or 15” - 24 Volt screens
  • Almost unlimited display of fishing data (marks, tracks, areas etc)*
  • 4 optoisolated inputs

Optional Features

  • 3D imaging with free depth database
  • Tidal stream prediction - saves on fuel
  • Trawl door tracking and dynamics monitoring (NOTUS, ITI, IXTRAWL etc)
  • Pair Trawling module (master controls slave steering etc)
  • Roxann / Seascan / JRC ground discrimination
  • Sedimentology Database
  • Wrecks Database
  • Scales interface links catch to individual tows for trip planning/catch logging
  • Extra optoisolated inputs can be added
  • 12Vdc, or 240Vac option

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