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TurboWin has been developed with special attention to input from skippers.

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Combining official ENC charts, plotting and fishing management functions Mini-ECDIS meets the demands of the modern fishing and workboat industry.

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Security through knowing not guessing. Whatever your trawling method, Notus gives you security so you know exactly what's happening to your gear 500 fathoms behind you on the seabed.

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Enhanced Planning

New hi-resolution pre-mapped 3D seabed charts give scientists and masters accurate guidance to navigate to best locations for specified tasks. Seabed Hardness charts from British Geological Survey can be overlaid for enhanced environmental guidance, as well as existing data from previous cruises. Turbowin reads text descriptions of planned work to minimise human error.

Record And Control

Hi resolution 3D charts show seabed features before you get there. Efficient plans lead to extra survey time instead of search time. Incoming sensor data can be mapped and analysed in real time and recorded in text for export to GIS. Notus transponders allow trawls or other towed equipment to be accurately monitored, measured, recorded and tracked along with environmental information. Turbowin is compatible with all modern autopilots, giving an invaluable extra pair of hands. Cut costs and maximise productivity with a clearer view of your working environment.

Safer Navigation

Turbowin gives collision avoidance with AIs and ARPA tracking. The ability to use ENC charts unlocks anti-grounding and seabed obstruction features. This allows for more detailed route planning that can be sent to your autopilot, reducing the capacity for human error and keeping your vessel and your crew safe.