Security through knowing not guessing. Whatever your trawling method, Notus gives you security so you know exactly what's happening to your gear 500 fathoms behind you on the seabed.



Door spreads, wire lengths, door alignment, wing tip alignment, vertical opening, footrope clearance, door depth, door angle, temperature sensors and catch triggers all remove the guesswork and saves time and money.

The headline Netsounder lets you see the biomass entering the net and your footrope clearance. New super chargers driven directly from the ship's 24-volt batteries provide the best possible battery life: enough to "fit and forget" for a 10 day twin rig trip.

Hybrid clump sensors (two combined in one) let you switch easily from twin to single rig, keeping all your wire length and spread measurements - essential for squid on the bottom.

Download our NOTUS reading material ... DREDGEMASTER | TRAWLMASTER
You can also access these datasheets AIS, Data Transfer, High Resolution 3D.

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