Navigational charts and 3D mapping.

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For fishermen who demand more from their plotter.

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SoloWin has been specifically designed for one-man vessels, with features suited to the challenging conditions encountered by smaller vessels.

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EasyWin has been developed to provide a stripped-down version of TurboWin, for skippers on a tighter budget.

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Mini-ECDIS combines official ENC charts, plotting and fishing management functions to meet the demands of the modern fishing and workboat industry.

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Security through knowing not guessing. Whatever your trawling method, Notus gives you security so you know exactly what's happening to your gear 500 fathoms behind you on the seabed.

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Increased Selectivity

New pre-mapped 3D seabed charts give skippers accurate guidance to navigate to hotspots for targeted species. Databases can be overlaid with Seabed Hardness charts for enhanced targeting, as well as existing data (Marks, Tracks, etc.) from previous trips. These features result in larger catches with decreased bycatch.

Reduced Costs

3D seabed charts clearly show obstacles and rough ground that could cause damage to fishing gear. Use this information to work around these hazards, avoiding unnecessary downtime and costly repairs. Plotter is compatible with all modern autopilots, giving an invaluable extra pair of hands. Cut costs and maximise productivity with a clearer view of your working environment.

Safer Navigation

Plotters can read data from AIS systems, displaying nearby vessels, using their speed and position in a collision avoidance system. The ability to use ENC charts unlocks anti-grounding and seabed obstruction features and allows for more detailed route planning that can be sent to your autopilot, reducing the capacity for human error and keeping vessels and crews safe.